4 pillars

The ESM year is based on four pillars:

1. Intellectual formation (about 400 hours of teaching)

In collaboration with the Pontifical Lateran University, Rome.
All ESM students
receive a certificate from the Pontifical University.


  • Holy Scripture
  • Main points of the Catholic faith,
  • Moral Theology
  • Sacraments


  • Theology of the Body
  • Vocation of Men and Women
  • Bioethics

Basics about Catholic culture

  • Liturgy
  • Theology of Evangelisation
  • Judaism and Islam
  • Social doctrine of the Church

Speaking and proclaiming to the world

  • Communication
  • Mission
  • Community building activities
  • Evangelization exercices
  • Learning to give your witness


2. Spiritual and human growth in ESM Rome

Human formation: discover yourself!

  • Self-knowing and self-development with modern tools
  • Develop your skills
  • Learn to listen

Spiritual formation: plugged into Christ!

  • A daily prayer life
  • Put daily Eucharist and Adoration at the core of your life
  • Personal support and companionship
  • Learn to accept yourself and the Mercy of God
  • Learn to be attentive to the action of the Holy Spirit and to God’s will
  • Experience the living Word of God
  • Integrate silence in your life, Retreats and pilgrimages
  • Discover the deep dynamism of Liturgy and the power of the Sacraments
  • Grow in personal and community prayer

3. Community life in ESM Rome

A strong brotherhood experience

  • A full-time residential community life
  • Sharing a strong fraternity life with up to 14 students from all continents for ten months
  • Learn to live Charity
  • Share with students of different culture

Discovering the Emmanuel Community

  • Weekly Household meetings
  • Contacts with families of the Emmanuel Community
  • Missions with the Emmanuel Community in Italy (Rome, Florence, Milano, …)

4. Mission with ESM Rome

A main place of Mission: the Trinité-des-Monts

  • The Emmanuel School of Mission Rome is based on the very famous place of the Trinité-des-Monts. It is part of the welcoming mission to the large number of pilgrims and visitors who enter the church all day, especially during the Serata de l’Emmanuele, every Wednesday evening and during special liturgical times (Advent and Lent).
  • Contacts and activities with the children of the School of Sacred Heart depending of the Trinité-des-Monts.

Missions on St Pieter’s Square

Mission on St Pieter’s Square with the Holy Cross of WYD

Parish missions

Parish Mission in Trecchina, in the south of Italia