ESM Rome Specificities

Beeing in Rome is a great grace we receive from the Lord. Among all the specificities of this place, we can mention:

Experience of the Heart of the Church

In Rome we have the grace to discover the Church as a Mother who takes care of all the People of God. We have the opportunity to meet different Church leaders, attend events in St. Peter’s Square and visit dicasteries.

Learn a new language: Italian!

Italian is the language of the Church. Knowing it is an advantage for being at the centre of the universal mission of the Church. Hey, you know? The Pope speaks Italian!

Art and Faith class

Living in Rome is an immense opportunity to discover our faith through works of art over the centuries. The ESM Rome thus offers a solid teaching in art history, allowing at the end of the year to guide pilgrims and to visit the main places of Rome.

  • theoretical studies
  • visit of Rome’s monuments

Learn to lead a pilgrimage

With the course “sui passi dei santi” (on the steps of the saints), each student builds a tour in Rome to visit several churches around a choosen theme. This tour is then presented to the school and the groups that come to visit us.

The Italian food!

Rosa cooks for us every day. Thanks to it we can enjoy pasta, pizza, Italian vegetables, tiramisu, etc….