ESM Rome Specificities

Two clearly defined objectives

All of the Emmanuel Schools of Mission throughout the world share the same foundational base of human, intellectual and spiritual formation. Besides these, the school in Rome offers the following two objectives:

Receiving and transmitting the Word of God

The ESM Roma’s first objective is to transmit to the students a solid biblical formation. Through this formation, the students acquire the necessary knowledge in order to read the Bible on their own and allow themselves to continue discovering the richness of God’s Word and to be transformed by it throughout the year and their entire lives. By encountering God’s love and mercy for humanity in His Word, the students are compelled to share this passion with others! (for more information see the page on Intellectual Formation).

Learn how to lead a pilgrimage

The city of Rome boasts an abundance of art and architecture that offers the students of ESM Roma an extraordinary insight into the richness of our Christian faith. The course on ‘Art and faith’ permits the students to discover the history and relationship between art and Christianity through teachings and guided visits to churches and museums, thus forming the students to be competent commentators of many important pieces of art throughout Rome. The formation at ESM Roma also offers students the opportunity to develop the skills to be able to guide a pilgrimage group throughout the city and to testify their faith through the presentation of holy art and architecture.

Why ESM in Rome?

Experience living in the Heart of the Church

In Rome we have the special grace of living at the centre of the universal Church where we can encounter the Church as our Mother taking care of God’s people. Throughout the year, the students have the opportunity to meet various church leaders, participate and assist in events in Saint Peter’s Square with the Pope, and discover the different church ministries by visiting several Dicasteries.

Learn a new language: L’Italiano!

Italian is the everyday spoken language of the Church, therefore learning and mastering Italian is necessary so we can be fully present at the centre of the universal mission of the Church. What’s more… the Pope speaks Italian! Learning a new language always requires a big effort: the first month of the school (September) is dedicated to an intensive study of Italian.

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