Growing with Jesus (human formation)

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Commitments No. 1: Growing with Jesus (Human formation)

The ESM is a year of accelerated personal growth. The strong fraternity life and human formation organised by the team drive the students to deepen their knowledge of themselves. They are challenged to discover their gifts, talents, uniqueness, limits, and to accept themselves as they truly are: A gift from God for themselves and for others.

By getting to know themselves and their desires, the students grow in awareness and appreciation of others, allowing them to build trusting relationships with their brothers and sisters at the school, with whom they share many joys and challenges throughout the year.

The ESM Rome is founded on the graces of the Emmanuel Community, and in particular, is guided by the presence of the members of the Emmanuel Community (lay, consecrated brothers and sisters and priests) living on mission at the Trinità dei Monti.

A strong experience of fraternity

  • A full-time residential community life
  • Share with young people from different cultures and backgrounds
  • Grow in charity and humility
  • Experience the joys and challenges of living with others
  • Develop life-long friendships

Getting to know myself

  • Self-discovery and human development with the help of modern tools
  • Development of talents through programs designed to help students to explore their own unique creativity.
  • Learn to listen to others and work together.

The leadership Team

The team responsible for leading the ESM is made up of a lay director, a consecrated layperson and a priest, all of three of which are members of the Emmanuel Community. Their role is to guide and accompany the students in their human and spiritual growth throughout the year. The members of the team are always ready and available to listen to the students and offer assistance and advice.

The relationship between the team and each student is one built on trust. This trust is essential in allowing the team to help each student grow in freedom. In order to live this year of formation the students are required to accept, with trust, the authority of the team and, in particular, the authority of the director.

On mission with the Emmanuel Community

  • Weekly household (prayer group) meetings with 6 to 7 brothers and sisters
  • Monthly gatherings with the members of the Emmanuel Community based in Rome, and national gatherings with the Community from all over Italy.
  • On mission welcoming and speaking with the large numbers of pilgrims and tourists visiting La Trinità Dei Monti each day.

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