Invisible enemy?!

Last night I walked in the center of Rome, all the way to the ancient part of town, and I saw only about 20 people

As I walked through the empty streets, I felt as if I was an actor in some post-apocalyptic movie… I watched all the magnificent stone buildings, which testify to some distant times and reflect on the transience of all that exists. The once magnificent Roman Empire fell apart, and they thought that it would survive forever… Don’t we have a similar or perhaps the same problem today? We think we are all-powerful, we act like drunken rulers, and in fact our civilization is fragile and increasingly resembles an unstable tower of cards… And so a good part of the world has stopped. Isn’t it all tragicomic?
Remember man, You are dust, and to dust you shall will return(Gen 3:19).

P.S. I was planning to walk again tonight but after about 100 metres the police chased me back to the house. They said walking is forbidden except in case of emergency …

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