Living in poverty with Jesus

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Commitment no. 5: Living a simple life with Jesus

Accepting simplicity into our lives is an important element of making ourselves available to the action of God. During this year at ESM we choose to live poverty for Jesus and with Jesus.

Accepting a simple life at ESM includes:

  • Human poverty – choosing to be enriched by other cultures.
  • Material poverty – leaving behind our material comfort and coming to ESM with the bare minimum (20kg backpack)
  • Poverty of language – choosing to speak Italian and not my own.
  • Personal poverty accepting to not able to choose how to spend my time
  • Financial poverty accepting to not spend money other than the pocket money given by the team each month.
  • Poverty in relationship accepting to limit communication with our loved ones throughout the year (during the months of October, November and December the students live without their mobile phones). Correspondence via written letters is recommended to the students.

This simple life helps us to discover a new freedom and availability to the action of God in our lives. In this way, our hearts naturally thirst to be with the poor, whether it be those living on the street with limited material and human resources or those who don’t know God.

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