Living with Jesus (spiritual formation)

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Commitment no. 3: Living with Jesus (spiritual formation)

After the human and intellectual formation, the spiritual formation allows the students to respond to the call of following Jesus. The ESM year prepares us to live with Jesus for all our lives, whatever our vocational call may be.

The daily program at ESM permits the students to grow closer to Jesus, allowing Him to transform our hearts day after day.

  • Daily prayer: each day begins with one hour of adoration and is concluded by Holy Mass.
  • Experience the living Word of God in times of personal and group Lectio Divina
  • Discover the profound significance of the liturgy and the power of the sacraments.

Through the personal guidance and companionship of one of the members of the Emmanuel Community and the daily life at the ESM, the students learn to:

  • accept themselves and welcome the mercy of God.
  • Be open to the action of the Holy Spirit and the will of God.
  • Welcome silence into their lives on retreats and pilgrimages.
  • Grow in an autentic prayer life, persoanlly and in community.

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