Practical Informations

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Practical information

  • The program runs from September 1st- June 30th
  • It is open to young people from 19-30
  • Before entering ESM Rome it is necessary to have completed one year of postgraduate studies or work experience before entering ESM Rome.
  • The school is an integral ten-month experience, with a full-time community life
  • Holidays: one week after Christmas and Easter
  • The language of ESM Rome is Italian
  • Italian lessons in September; it would be great to study some basics before starting classes

Cost of the year

The global cost for this year is 20.000€. We know that it’s a lot, therefore we ask you to find at least 6.000€ for the school year. Then we’ll help you to find sponsors.
If the first amount is difficult to reach, don’t hesitate to contact us !

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