Serving Jesus (Evangelization and Compassion)

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Commitment no. 4: Serving Jesus (Evangelization and Compassion)

“In the poor, we find the presence of Jesus, who, though rich, became poor (cf. 2 Cor 8:9). For this reason, in them, in their weakness, a “saving power” is present. And if in the eyes of the world they have little value, they are the ones who open to us the way to heaven; they are our “passport to paradise”.

(Pope Francis, World Day of the Poor, 19 November 2017)

Adoration, Compassion and Evangelization

The three pillars of the Emmanuel Community follow a natural sequence: by adoring Jesus in the Eucharist, we receive the gift of compassion for the greatest of all poverties: not knowing God. It is through this compassion that we are led by the Holy Spirit to evangelize by announcing the unconditional love of God to those who haven’t met God. This compassion also drives us towards encountering our brothers and sisters living in poverty on the streets.

At ESM the students respond to this missionary call to evangelize and visit the poor each week.

Central mission point: Trinità dei Monti

Central mission point: Trinità dei Monti

  • The ESM is based at the Trinità dei Monti which receives hundreds of pilgrims and visitors each day. In addition to contributing to this mission of evangelizing and welcoming people into the church, the students of ESM also help to lead the Emmanuel Mercy Nights held every Wednesday evening and participate in animating the liturgies in the church
  • The Trinità dei Monti is also responsible for the Institution of the Sacred Hear, an Italian school frequented by 650 boys and girls. The students of ESM are active in organising pastoral missions with the students at the school.

Visiting the homeless on the streets of Rome

Every week the students of the ESM go out in pairs to visit the less fortunate living on the street. The aim of this time isn’t to bring them material comfort but by offering time and conversation the students learn to give the gift of human dignity and friendship.

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