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Who do you rely on in a collapsing world? In moments when fear rushes through our veins and panic occupies all our thoughts, where to find hope?

Feeling helpless can completely destroy us if we surrender to it. Yet it is this feeling, in the light of faith, that prepares us for our final victory! Human logic does not allow us to think that a state of complete powerlessness can result in anything good. This mystery is out of reach for our minds. We used to keep everything in our hands, manage everything and decide about everything, and now we have literally lost the ground below our feet. It is as if we were in a weightless state – we are floating uncontrollably in the lifelessness of life. We are not able to do anything ourselves and all our efforts seem futile.

And what to do now? Who to trust? One after another, the world systems of power stumble on their own weaknesses, faltering, falling down and disappearing. We don’t have many options left. What is left to man when we deprive him of the apparent security? What does man become when life circumstances throw him out of balance? When life gives way to death to whom can we cry for help? The current situation caused by the virus can be compared to the feeling of helplessness we have when we are flying in a plane: strong turbulence begins and there is nothing you can do. You are powerless and you can only trust the pilot.

In my case, the pilot is Jesus Christ. And there is nothing left for me to do but to trust Him, accept the fact that I am helpless and enjoy the flight…

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