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The students of the Emmanuel School of Mission (ESM) dedicate one year of their lives to be formed as Christian missionaries in the world. The financing of their formation is entirely dependent on private donations and sponsors. To continue this work of formation we confidently turn to your generosity: your help is precious to our students and the Church’s mission in the world.

The cost of the entire year is 15,000€

We realise this is a heavy sum. We therefore require future students to be able to start the year with a sum of 6,000 €, and we are encouraging them to find sponsors during the year to find the other 9,000€.

It is also important to know that the ESM receives students from countries where the cost of the school represents more than 2 years of salary…. Without your support, they cannot not be accepted or trained in our school of evangelization.

How can I financially contribute to ESM Roma?

1. Support an individual student

Click on the photos of the ESM Roma students  (2019-2020) to access their profiles and to support them individually.

2. Support ESM Roma with Paypal

3. Support us with a direct payment to the ESM Roma

You can support ESM Rome with a simple bank transfer
Do not hesitate to communicate us your name by mail, so that we can pray for your intentions!

IBAN: IT61 E030 6909 6061 0000 0147 650

We are immensely grateful for your help and your precious contribution to the Church’s mission!