The Emmanuel Schools of Mission (ESM)

The Schools of Evangelization of the Emmanuel Community

“Let the grace of your baptism bear fruit in a path of holiness.
Let everything be open to God; turn to him in every situation.
Do not be dismayed, for the power of the Holy Spirit enables you to do this,
and holiness, in the end, is the fruit of the Holy Spirit in your life.”

Pope Francis, Gaudete et Exultate 15.

Answering to the call of the Church to Holiness and Mission, the Emmanuel Community is offering new evangelization formation to young men and women between 19 and 30 years old in the Catholic Faith.
The Emmanuel School of Mission (ESM) is an international school which trains missionary leaders for the Church, rooted in a profound relationship with Christ and open to the world.


Before starting the ESM, I was looking for how I could deepen my faith and build a stronger relationship with God and the others around me. Thanks to the ESM I have be able to joyfully live my life as a witness to God and share in my experience of faith with other people.
It has given me the confidence of God’s incredible love for me and of his plan for my life. It has given me the formation to stand strong in my faith wherever I will go in my life.
Sophie, USA, 24 years old

ESM has been my first experience of community life, an experience of the life of the Church. I discovered I could share Faith, prayer and walking with the Lord with people who were very different from myself, which at the same time I discovered as brothers and sisters. I experienced how the Holy Spirit works through the communion of different states of life, and that evangelization is not a private enterprise, but the work of the Church as a community. I discovered that with the help of brothers and sisters even difficulties become an occasion of growth. I discovered joy!
Rafael, Germany, 39 years old