The “fear” virus

Do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

(Philippians 4:6)

The days are slowly passing by. We have been in the quarantine for three weeks now, which has meanwhile spread to almost the entire world. After the virus reminded us that we are fragile and mortal, quarantine brought to our memory how much freedom is really worth. Yes, freedom is a condition we all long for, and we become aware of it only after we lose it. The limited freedom situation we are currently in is a fertile ground for the spread of another “virus” – it is the “virus” of fear.

Most of the world’s population has become detained in their own rooms, apartments, houses and, at best, yards. The byproduct of this is that we are no longer in direct contact with the real world, and we get all the information exclusively from the media. The news presented to us by the media is generally bad, negative and often apocalyptic. The restriction of liberty and daily exposure to negative news with the constant addition of victims of the virus inevitably leads to great fear, which can turn into panic. If we fall into the trap of panic, we are already somehow dead because panic is paralyzing, preventing us from thinking normally and acting appropriately. Not only that, we are becoming irrational, and in this way the situation seems a lot worse than it really is.

Death had not been incarnated so it would now be touring the world and relentlessly devouring everyone it encounters! Through sin, death came into the world. After that the death meter is always turning and turning without stopping. We have never been, nor will we ever be, ready for the coming of death, and we must make ourselves aware of this. However, now that the fear has taken the reins of our lives into its own hands, death has become our main life preoccupation. We have focused too much of our thoughts on death and too little on life. We overlook the negative and neglect the positive. 

There are so many good and beautiful things in this world. All we have to do is to open the eyes of our hearts and look beyond the worries and problems that seem insurmountable. Yes, the current situation is not easy, it is true. But it is also true that after the rain comes the sun. And then, after it illuminates the landscape with its rays, it seems to us that the sun is shining even stronger and stronger than before due to the reflection of the raindrops. Likewise, after the night the day wakes up, but it is also the coldest before dawn.

In the end, Lent is nearing its end, and we are on the edge of the desert. A little more and an oasis where the water of life springs will be in sight. Will we let the fear steal our faith? Let us look up, arm ourselves with faith and trust and walk boldly to Jesus the Risen One. He defeated death!

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