To my mum and to God

Whoever honours a mother is like someone amassing a fortune.

(Sirach 3:4)

Starting from the present, I’m turning my gaze to not-so-distant past and thinking about childhood. I’m trying to remember as many things as possible from the earliest days and recall a time when I was only a small, weak and powerless being. Have I betrayed my childhood desires and lost that sincere and innocent glow in my eyes which is inherent in all children? Did I become the man I was supposed to be or did the child in me disappear over the years? After all, did that weak child for which the mother cared and whom she protected become a different man?

The truth is that time flies elusively. In just a moment, you turn to the other side and realize that your whole youth has already flown by. By the time you realize what has happened, you will already find yourself in old age. However, be grateful for every moment in your life because exactly that transience of time gives beauty to your life. Therefore, be grateful for the gift of existence. Be grateful to your mother who brought you to this world.

Thank you, mother, for giving birth to me. Thank you, mother, for caring for me and protecting me in your womb throughout nine months during which I have slowly grown and developed. From the moment of conception, when my life in time began, you, mother, were the fortress that protected me from everything which might harm me. And while my eyes were still closed and darkness was everywhere, I could clearly hear every beat of your heart. And as I continued to grow and mature, so did all my physical functions come to the fore. So, if something hurt you in the depths of your womb sometimes, it was me: letting you know that I’m alright and alive.

Finally, when I was born, you offered me the most beautiful scene possible – your face. I can’t even imagine how much you were sacrificing for me during all of these years. Day by day you burned in love so that everything could be nice and comfortable for me. I know that I sometimes was selfish and ungrateful. I didn’t appreciate your efforts enough and I couldn’t clearly recognize all the torment you were going through with my young eyes, and it all was because of me. I know that all the words of this world cannot express the greatness of love and praise for you, mother, so I’m going to pray to God for you.

And to you, Creator of all things visible and invisible, the greatest thanks and glory. In your wisdom you have woven man’s majesty and destined woman to be the bearer of life. You have woven perfect laws in her so that the human race could have its future. You gifted woman motherhood in order that she could continue Your work of creation. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well (Psalm 139:14).

After all, I have to ask you something. Lord, grant to all mothers to accept every child with joy and love so that they could always be open to accepting every child and every life, and that they could close the doors of death behind them forever.

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